Kloofing Mac Mac Falls Adventure

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Kloofing Mac Mac Falls Adventure Kloofing is an adventure activity that involves walking/hiking/climbing/swimming/abseiling or any of a number of those combos through or along a watercourse area like a river. So when the opportunity arose to take part in this adventure, the decision wasn’t very difficult. Mac Mac falls, the destination for our adventure, is […]

Rock Climbing in South Africa

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I’ve been rock climbing now going on 7 years. It didn’t occur to me the great adventures climbing brings until I started this business. Going to the crags is just a normal part of your routine if you’re part of the climbing community. Of course climbing communities are still pretty small compared to other well […]

Bush Walk – Up Close and Personal

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A typical safari in South Africa usually doesn’t include a bush walk. We suspect this is because of the scare tactics used by the mainstream media. The media doesn’t like to show the beauty and calmness of the African bush. They would prefer to show drama, accidents and death which are more often than not […]