Bush Walk – Up Close and Personal

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A typical safari in South Africa usually doesn't include a bush walk. We suspect this is because of the scare tactics used by the mainstream media. The media doesn't like to show the beauty and calmness of the African bush. They would prefer to show drama, accidents and death which are more often than not caused by a lack of respect for wild animals.

Well we'd like to present a different perspective for this. We take for granted how easy it is to jump in a car and travel a good distance in a short amount of time. While it is convenient, most guides will tell you car travellers generally make for poor observers. Bringing a city mentality to the bush will do you no good. Animals and plants do not care about time and productivity. Their rhythms are in tune with nature. And mother nature is the ultimate teacher when it comes to living with balance.

Bush Walk
Bush Walk
Bush Walk

A bush walk removes much of those negative habits we've learnt in the city. We also free up one of our most important senses to observe nature, our ears. Engines make unnatural sounds which often mask the interesting call of many animals. While tourists are focused on finding the big 5, real adventurers are focused on observing all aspects of their surroundings: what cat made this track? How does this bird alert animals to prey? How fresh is this dung? Simple questions will often tell you a story of what goes on every day in the animal kingdom. We think a bush walk is a fantastic way of experiencing this!

Bush Walk

Adventure Anywhere include bush walks in many of our tours. You are always accompanied by a professional tour guide and on foot by armed rangers who take every precaution for your safety. Remember that, when we venture out into the bush we are on their territory. Man has caused much destruction of natural habitat for many of the worlds species. Let's ensure that we look after our heritage and enjoy visiting it with maximum respect.

Check out our Pilanesberg Tour or one of our Kruger Park Tours for more info on how to experience the bush up close and personal for yourself. Also be sure to contact us if you have any questions.

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