Game Drive – Pilanesberg & Kruger Park

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No trip to South Africa (or any African country for that matter) is complete without taking part in a game drive. A true appreciation of African game comes from seeing animals in their natural habitat. And since animals are more adept at travelling long distances they need far more space than humans do. Having a high clearance vehicle, enough time and a healthy dose of patience are all good things to have when going in search of unique African game.

Game Drive Pilanesberg

Season & Times of Day for a Game Drive

This varies from country to country but in South African the best time of the year to view game is between April and September, during autumn and winter. While some animals hibernate in these months, temperatures remain cool and level due to our climate. There is a greater opportunity to view game during these times as animals forage and move about without the searing heat of the sun. So, in general you can spend longer periods on your game drive during the day with a greater chance of seeing a variety of animals including the big 5: lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhino.

As we hit the summer you’ll find the majority of animals will head for the shade making a game drive during the day a more challenging experience. Of course, if you go with an experienced guide like Doug, then this can certainly be part of the fun as you track animals in real time. The main advantage of summer game drives is the possibility of seeing a wide variety of species down by the watering holes.

If you’d like to book a game drive with Adventure Anywhere to Pilanesberg or Kruger Parks be sure to get in touch with us so we can tailor-make a tour for you. We have a number of interesting activities you can add to your tour like a bush walk and hot air balloon safari.

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