Kayaking in Parys – Adventure on the River

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There's always something happening at Adventure Anywhere. Last year (2016) in the span of a couple of weeks the adventure took me hiking, kloofing and kayaking. I have no plans to stop this year with some interesting events coming up in 2017. But for now, I wanted to share some pics, video and info on the kayaking weekend adventure we had in Parys.

Parys was named after Paris by a German surveyor who had participated in the Siege of Paris during the Franco-Prussian war and the location by the Vaal river reminded him of it's counterpart the river Seine in France.

Kayaking in Parys
Kayaking in Parys
Kayaking in Parys
Kayaking in Parys
Kayaking in Parys

Kayaking Day One

Day one involves technique and safety training. This take places on a quiet part of the river, next to where we happened to be camping. Tipping the boat and getting comfortable with being underwater takes some getting used but learning to be safe on the river is very important.

Kayaking Day Two

Now we come to the good stuff, spending the day on the river, navigating obstacles and several rapids. The water level was low when we went and so the rapid were a little bit milder than they could be otherwise. I nevertheless was taken out by an infamous rock on a level 4 rapid midway through our Sunday adventure.


We are definitely considering adding Kayaking to our list of adventure activities. The whole experience was a day filled with sun, sore muscles, beautiful scenery, capsizing, fun and good people. It's not for the unfit though and some level of fitness helps in making the day a worthwhile venture. If you'd like us to arrange a weekend kayaking trip for you please get in touch and we'll organise all the details for you so that every other part of your tour will at least be at maximum comfort.

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