Kloofing Mac Mac Falls Adventure

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Kloofing Mac Mac Falls Adventure

Kloofing is an adventure activity that involves walking/hiking/climbing/swimming/abseiling or any of a number of those combos through or along a watercourse area like a river. So when the opportunity arose to take part in this adventure, the decision wasn’t very difficult. Mac Mac falls, the destination for our adventure, is located in the east of the country, near the Kruger Park. I love Mpumalanga, I’ve climbed in the province a fair amount and the scenery here is just crazy beautiful.

Given how flat a lot of Joburg is, it was a lot of fun driving in this part of the country. You know you’ve arrived as you start to wind your way through the rolling hills and the vegetation starts to become lush and glow a kind of green which makes the entire area seem like a magical natural playground.??We were hampered by rain as we approached Lydenburg but after a solid 6 hour drive we arrived at our digs on a Friday evening and settled in for launch the following morning.

I finally got a chance to use a gopro on this trip. I looked like a bit of a weirdo with it strapped to my chest during the journey but it was well worth it. Check out some of the footage I compiled from the trip below. You definitely want to have a decent pair of hiking/swim shoes when navigating the slippery rocks and if you’re really intolerant to the cold, a wet suite goes a long way as well! The entire hike took us about 3 hours to complete and involved getting lost, falling into holes, pool bombs, tree slides, a few injuries (but nothing serious) and ultimately arrival at the waterfall itself.

What a way to end 2016. Get in touch with us if you’d like to come adventure with us in the future. But for now I’ll let the footage do the talking. Adventure Anywhere!

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