Rock Climbing in South Africa

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I've been rock climbing now going on 7 years. It didn't occur to me the great adventures climbing brings until I started this business. Going to the crags is just a normal part of your routine if you're part of the climbing community. Of course climbing communities are still pretty small compared to other well established activities/sports, especially in South Africa.

There is something special about a day out climbing at the cliffs. In general, you need to head away from the bustling areas of a city and being in natural surroundings is good medicine for the soul. Office culture these days keeps us indoors perpetually all week and I love getting a good dose of sun and fresh air on a Sunday morning. The thing I love most about climbing is how it keeps you engaged physically, mentally and spiritually while on the rock. You are in the moment.. you have to be to solve the technical challenges and to stay safe.

Check out or Rock Climbing Safari which takes you for a day out climbing to the beautiful Waterval Boven area on the way to Kruger Park.

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